Expectations and Results

Having proper expectations coming into a color appointment is key for success

It is important to have the proper expectations going into your hair appointment. Beautiful results take time, materials, and budget. The simplest color may take several sessions to accomplish. For appointments to be successful, open communication and patience is required. At Red Salon we will not compromise the integrity of the hair to achieve "instant" results. If your hair is not capable of being altered in the manner that you are imagining, we will be completely honest with you at the time of your consultation, and give you our professional opinion on how to proceed. We charge based on our years of expertise, quality materials, and our valuable time.  No salon can guarantee results,  but we are 100% confident that if your dream hair can be achieved in a healthy process,   we will make it happen! 

Understanding the lightening process and undertones

When your hair is lightened, your natural undertone will show through. Your hair can be toned to cancel out your natural undertones. Toners usually last 4-6 weeks; to keep a consistent look please schedule appointments accordingly to maintain your desired look.

As a rule, a 2-3 hour session is going to give 1-3 levels of lift. It may take more than one session to achieve the results you desire.

  • If your hair is black, dark brown, or medium brown, you have a red undertone. 

  • If your hair is light brown, dark blonde, medium blonde, you have an orange undertone.

  • If your hair is light blonde to pale blonde, your undertone is yellow.

How to Protect Your New Look

Caring for your results is an important part of the process. Here are the best steps to protect your investment:

  • Use only professional products. Our satisfaction guarantee only applies if professional products are used at home.

  • The sun brings out your natural undertones; be sure to protect your head if out in the sun often. 

  • Hard water can strip your hair of color. Investing in a water softener can make a difference.

  • Pre-book follow up appointments to guarantee maintenance. Maintenance time will vary depending on your hair.